Sunday, April 30, 2006

What Keith Said Just Now.

Right now, in the second inning of the Braves-Mets contest, there was a shot of a little boy in his Little League uniform and sitting with his grandmother. She was shaking a carton of Goldfish crackers into his cupped hands, whereupon Keith Hernandez said,
"Are those Goldfish crackers? At the ballpark?"
And then his play-by-play partner, Gary Cohen, goes,
"Well, they have sushi at the ballpark in Anaheim, I understand."
And then Keith goes,
"Yeah, that I understand. But Goldfish?"
Has he been saying stupid shit like this all this time and we should be taking whatever he says with a grain of salt? Or maybe an entire salt shaker? Or did Keith run out of blow and he's been using the foul lines and the batter's box as a poor substitute?

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