Saturday, March 12, 2011

1983 Donruss #586

Buyer’s remorse can be common when you shop on ebay after you’ve had a few drinks, and while this money probably would have been better spent on paying down debt or buying food or stuffing underneath my mattress, I can’t complain too much about the deal I got on these three cards; $10.25, including shipping.
The odd thing about baseball cards these days is that they’re far cheaper than they were when I was a kid. Growing up, if I wanted a good baseball card, it would’ve taken several weeks (or months) of allowance-saving to get what I had my eye on. This Wade Boggs rookie card would’ve cost me at least $15 twenty-some years ago, but thanks to the power of internet auction sites, I got three of them for the same price. Factor in inflation, and it’s even cheaper than what it would’ve been a long time ago. 
It seems a bit silly for a full-grown man to decent money on things he wished he had when he was a kid, but this money would’ve just been spent on a queasy cab ride home after drinking whiskey three neighborhoods away anyway. Now I’m going to put these cards in top-loaders and into a shoebox and forget I even own them to begin with.
The back of this card tells us that Wade Boggs was the Red Sox’s regular 1B by the end of the 1982 season. Baseball-reference tells us that he spend exactly 2 innings at 1B for the rest of his Boston career, which is only interesting to those of us who find little else but Baseball interesting. 


MjC said...
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MjC said...

Sorry - had a spelling error so I deleted my post. I was going to say that I believe you got your money's worth on that baseball card just for the mustache alone (baseball players don't grow them like they used to!).
Your Great-Grandaughter

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